Andrew Solhiem

Black Belt Promotion: 2009

Favorite Position: Pressure

Favorite Submission: Fancy Armbar

Best Icecream: Mango Orange Sherbert

Mark Buntich

Black Belt Promotion: 2011

Favorite Position: Closed Guard

Favorite Submission: Closed Guard Armbar

Best Icecream: Chocolate

Rey Palacol

Black Belt Promotion 2013

Favorite Position: Knee Cut

Favorite Submission: Closed Guard Armbar

Best Icecream: Pineapple on Pizza

Mohammad Mustafa

Black Belt Promotion 2015

Favorite Position: Wrestle Mania

Favorite Submission: Gillytown

Best Icecream: Bomba’n’Cream

Josh Haggerty

Black Belt Promotion 2017

Favorite Position: Haggerty Hook

Favorite Submission: Wrists, All of them.

Best Icecream: Baby Poop

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